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A unique moon disc, modified in Switzerland

To create highly realistic moon disk, the Mu:n project has teamed up with the AJS Production workshop.


Specialized in the miniaturization of watch components, the R&D team has developed a new nine-step laser printing process.

Mu:n  Project

A collaborative

moonphase watch

Mu:n project gathered enthusiasts and industry experts around a common goal: to co-create the perfect moonphase watch.

The project is based on total transparency, from design to assembly.

Modified in Switzerland

The moon disc

Mu:n Project

The first collaborative adventure

Initiated in March 2021, the first Mu:n project gathered more than 5,500 enthusiasts. We invite you to relive the major stages that punctuated this creation.

Relive the creation >

Technical details

A Swiss Made automatic watch

The Mu:n project selected the SW288 automatic movement SW288 from the Sellita manufactures, founded in 1950 in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

Hommage Edition will be fully assembled and controlled in Switzerland, in the region of Porrentruy.

Mu:n projects


Mu:n projects are based on three commitments, which run through and accompany each of our creations.


Through our creations, we wish to contribute, on our scale, to the diversity and accuracy of the watchmaking universe.

creative experience

The Hommage edition is the result of Mu:n first collaborative creation

Mu:n wishes to offer enthusiasts a new way of participating, influencing and following an entire watch creation.


  For nearly 2 years, several thousand creators have enthusiastically participated in this  first collaborative project.

Ephemeral series

Édition Hommage

In partnership with renowned watchmaking workshops, Mu:n produces ephemeral series from its collaborative creations. The first Mu:n project gave birth to the Tribute Edition.


The models will be offered in automatic and quartz, on pre-order from November 2022.




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