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News #8 • Production update - Automatic (2/2)

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Dear community,

We are deeply sorry for the delay in this publication, which has recently been disrupted by the latest information from the Sellita manufactures. Indeed, due to a capacity shortage affecting the all watchmaking sector since january, the manufactures have encountered difficulties in the supply of some parts,

We wanted to have more details and a clear schedule before releasing this news and sharing an updated timeline.

Manufactures delay, status and consequences

A few days before the delivery, and despite the confirmations received so far, Sellita manufactures have informed us last week that they will not be able to finalize the SW288 D4 movements before the summer vacation, starting on July 15th in the watchmaking sector. Consequently, the calibers can only be delivered at the beginning of the new school year, which is to say early September. This delay affects our entire community as well as our partner workshops, who had also organized their agenda according to the Sellita delivery dates.

Considering these new timelines, we are forced to postpone the assembly and delivery to the end of September. Therefore, we are currently experiencing a 2-month delay compared to the schedule shared in the News #6: Production update - Automatic models (1/2).

We sincerely apologize to all our backers for this additional delay, which affects the entire schedule and over which our action capabilities are unfortunately limited. We observe that the entire watchmaking sector is experiencing a strong backlog, linked to a component shortage and an fast post-covid recovery. We were overly optimistic about the capacity of our partners to meet the set deadlines and should have taken this variable into account in the dates communicated so far.

The state of production

The remaining partner workshops have managed to complete the production at the beginning of summer. The majority of the parts are already stored or in transit to our workshop in Switzerland, awaiting assembly.

Below, you will find a schematic diagram of the different actors involved in the production.

Zoom on each workshop

Componants (cases, hands, dials) by Perfex

The production of approximately 1200 hands and 500 automatic dials was completed last week. Additionally, as of June 30, 2023, 410 cases out of a total of 500 have already been produced by the manufacturers. The remaining 90 cases will be finalized this week, and the delivery of all components is to be finalised between July 10 and July 15.

Movements and moondiscs by Sellita

As mentioned in the introduction, despite our efforts, the manufacturers were unable to deliver all the SW288 calibers before the summer vacation. The movements SW288 D4 (refined finishes) will be shipped in early September.

In addition to the 375x SW288 calibers, Sellita is also responsible for producing 90x day-date mechanisms (Creators No. I5), 70x golden and rhodium moon discs (Origin No. 5I), 375x blank moon disc kits (Creators series), and 90x standard oscillating weights. All of these components are ready and will be delivered between July 10 and July 15, with a two-month delay from the initial schedule. The blank moon disc kits will be directly shipped to AJS Production for modification.

Moondisc & oscillating weight by AJS Production

Initially planned for April and then postponed to the end of June, the blank moon discs will finally be delivered by Sellita on July 12. These discs will then undergo modifications, including the application of a realistic moon and sky decal with a femto laser engraving. Due to this final delivery delay, AJS Workshop has informed us that they are unable to postpone the allocated resources before the summer break. Therefore, this printing operation will take place after the summer. The factory has booked the week of mid-September to finalize the design of the realistic discs. The blank discs will thus be stored at the workshop during the summer and modified in the first half of September, aligning with the delivery of the SW288 calibers by Sellita.

As for the La Lune XVIII oscillating weights, all pieces were completed on June 25 by the workshop. They will be transferred to the assembler in a few days, located just a few kilometers away from the production facility.

Packaging by Fleet Luxury

Despite numerous modifications, the manufacturer met its deadlines. The 450 packagings were finalized at the beginning of June and are currently stored in our warehouse in Alle, Switzerland.

Straps by SIS Group

The Mastres (first series pieces) were approved in early May, and production was initiated during that period. The first 100 straps are already located in the assembler workshop, PH Saner. The remaining 300 pieces are being checked by the leather goods department before delivery to the assembler in the days to come.

We confirm that all the straps are equipped with a quick strap fastening system, a hot-stamped logo on the Alsavel lining, and an engraved stainless steel buckle.

We are aware that the initially schedule was too optimistic, and we apologize again for this additional delay. We are doing our best to rearrange the process as seamless as possible and will regularly provide updates on the production of your models. We will communicate the exact delivery dates of the SW288 calibers as soon as we have a firm confirmation from the Sellita manufacturers. Such delivery should mark the beginning of assembly, a two-week process leading to the your shipment.

Lastly, you will receive a DHL tracking number three weeks before delivery, which will allow you to confirm and, if necessary, modify your delivery address, as well as track your package.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. For any specific inquiries, feel free to contact us directly at


Victor & Thibault

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Jul 05, 2023

Take your time and don't jeopardise quality to deliver faster.

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