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News #11 - Delivery & Assembly

Hello everyone,

We are thrilled to bring you the latest updates on production and model assembly this Tuesday, October 10. We are pleased to announce that the previously mentioned dates and schedules, as outlined in article #10, remain unchanged at this time.

First feedback on the quartz collection

The entire Quartz collection has been successfully shipped. Models designated for the EU have already been received, and the remaining ones are currently en route for international shipping.

The final model, number 80, was carefully packed on October 3 and sent to the attention of Sarosh, backer n°286.

Thank you very much for your exceptionally positive initial feedback and publications! We encourage you to share your photos and provide us with your thoughts on the inaugural Model No. 51 - we'd love to read your feedback =)

Delivery of the Origin automatic series

As stated in News #10, the assembly of the Origine automatic series commenced on Monday, October 3. The collection is slated to be finalized by the week's end, on October 13.

A trip is then planned for Monday, October 16, which will mark the start of the first shipments of the collection.

Kickstarter backers should have received an email to verify their shipping address. If you haven't received this email, please reach out to us at

Assembly of the Creator Series

As reported in our last news item #10, on Thursday October 5 we headed to Switzerland to pick up the realistic moon disks from the Creators series. These underwent a brand-new development this summer to refine the realism of the Milky Way. The final rendering is beyond our expectations, with a sky of unprecedented detail.

In this regard, we interviewed Howel, R&D manager at AJS, in charge of developing the disk and oscillating mass for Mu:n. We are delighted to share this interview with you, as well as an article detailing the manufacturing secrets behind these two exceptional timepieces.

Moon disk & oscillating weight - Interview with Howel

Assembly of the collection and its 300 numbered pieces will begin in mid-week. This final phase of assembly and testing will take around 10 to 15 days.

We'll keep you informed as soon as we know the exact date of the first deliveries. For the time being, therefore, we're keeping to the schedule set out in our last news item #10.

Provisional schedule

Here's another summary of the final stages of production.

Week of October 2nd

Quartz series

End of Quartz expeditions

First community feedback

Eshop opens on

Origine Series

Inspection and launch of assembly

Creators Series

Moon discs finalized by AJS Production

Discs checked and deposited at PH Saner

Week of October 9th

Origin Series

Confirmation of orders and delivery addresses

Final assembly scheduled for October 13

Creators Series

Assembly sheets and first model encasements

Week of October 16

Origin Series

Inspection and reception of models

Shipment of all models

Delivery France

Creators Series

Follow-up and assembly control

Week of October 23rd

Origin Series

International delivery

First community returns

Creators Series

Follow-up and assembly control Start of Deliveries in Europe

Week of October 30

Creators Series

Final assembly

Deliveries worldwide

Shipment of the designer models is due to start during the week of October 23 (23-28/10), depending on the final acceptance date of the series. We hope to be able to deliver as soon as possible, and are working with the workshop to maintain these dates.


We look forward to delivering the entire collection. Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have in the comments.

We look forward to hearing from you,

The Mu:n Team


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