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The Watch box • The Origins of the Cosmos

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

With the initial releases of the Artemis collection, we proudly present "The Origins of the Cosmos" watch box set.

The design

Mu:n Projects are born from creative epics, stories crafted by enthusiasts who journey with us. In this book-inspired format, we pay homage to our first horological odyssey, composed of four distinct chapters.

The Origines of the Cosmos marks the very first volume of the Mu:n projects.

We've opted for a clean, unobtrusive design that's ideal for keeping in a library. With the exception of the text and binding, the entire box is a deep, slightly satin-finish black. This choice reinforces the contrast with the timepiece, which is revealed on opening.

“Puis il fit apparaître la Lune,

à qui il confia la Nuit”

"Then he made the Moon appear,

to whom he entrusted the Night".

The back cover proudly showcases an excerpt from an ancient epic, "The Origins of the Cosmos," written in the 12th century BC. Unearthed in Mesopotamia on fragmented tablets, this text stands as one of the earliest writings to ponder the moon and its varying phases. It provides a glimpse into humanity's earliest attempts to comprehend celestial phenomena and the cyclical dance of the moon. Today, our understanding of these cycles has vastly deepened, allowing us to measure its phases conveniently on our wrists. Nevertheless, the moon's enduring charm and magic remain untouched, and the Artémis project stands as a link to this continuum—an imagination rekindled.

Lastly, the book format was selected for its symbolic significance and practicality. This box is meant to be cherished, displayed on a shelf, elegantly safeguarding your watch and ensuring easy access in your daily life.

The Book is inserted in a rigid cardboard envelope, to protect it from rubbing.

For materials, we've employed hot stamping to embolden the text, ensuring both depth and durability. The box itself is crafted from satin-finish rigid cardboard, featuring the first edition engraving on the cover. This choice also aids in moisture absorption and protects the model.

The watch is thoughtfully presented within the box, accompanied by its strap, resting on a plush cushion to prevent any movement during transit. It faces a paper back cover, safeguarding the glass against potential scratches. A dedicated pocket on the inside back cover is reserved for the warranty booklet.


For the Artémis edition, we've partnered with Fleet Luxury France due to their innovative approach and support in packaging design. With a design office in Paris and a focus on recycled materials, they've been instrumental in bringing this vision to life.

The company has been supporting Mu:n projects since December 2021, and produced all the technical drawings and the final version of the Box. Special thanks to Isabelle and Pierrick, who have been with the project for almost two years now.


The journey began in December 2021 with the initial packaging sketch.

First 3D model, January 2022.

The choice of materials, including imitation leather, velvet, rigid, and flexible cardboard, underwent meticulous consideration. It took more than six iterations to reach the current packaging.

Prototype n°3, July 2022

Leatherette, velvet.

Despite our commitment to utilizing components from recycling circuits, the packaging is not entirely recycled.

Consequently, during the prototyping phase, we reimagined the overall layout. Originally designed to showcase the watch on a base with the strap below, we opted for a pre-assembled watch, resting on a cushion with the strap attached. This eliminates the need to handle the strap each time you store it and enhances the box's daily utility.

Technical drawings, March 2022.

Technical drawings were refined in March 2022, leading to the current, reduced-format design. However, the box maintains a substantial thickness of 43.50 mm, essential to house the watch with its strap securely.


In crafting the Artémis collection, our aim was to deliver custom packaging without imposing an additional burden on the final sales price. To achieve this objective, we steadfastly adhered to a maximum cost of €25.00 (excluding VAT) per unit, ensuring that the cost to the customer remained reasonable. Below, we provide a breakdown of the research and development expenses incurred, along with the unit cost per box.

Development costs: €1,340.00

Mock-up in white: €250

Technical costs, tools: €195

Approval costs: €350.00

Additional prototyping: € 545.00

Unit cost / box: €24.00

Origin of Creation: €19.50

Warranty card: €0.50

Parcel, packaging: € 4.00

What packaging for the Ariane project?

For the upcoming Ariane project, packaging will undergo a fresh development. We intend to preserve the book format as a testament to the project's chapters of creation. However, pricing, production zones, and ecological considerations will be discussed with our community. We will delve into cost per unit, finishing levels, and other unique elements during this evaluation.

We look forward to hearing from you,

The Mu:n Team


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