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News #6 • Production update - Automatic (1/2)

Updated: Apr 10

Dear Backers,

As we approach the launch of the Ariane project, we wanted to share with you an update on the production of the Automatic models. You will find the latest prototypes modifications, as well as an updated schedule.


Assembly & Delivery

As mentioned early April, the Sellita manufactures are experiencing a delay across the entire production chain. This latter is due to a higher order volumes than initially anticipated (the SW288-1a movements are only produced upon order) and a particularly heavy first half of 2023 for the manufactures.

The reception of all calibers is to be conducted by the end of June, which coincides with the receipt of all components, packaging, and straps. This will be followed by assembly and delivery during summer. We are aware that this delay is significant and we sincerely apologize for the overly optimistic date shared last December. The production of Automatic watches involves numerous operations, controls, as well as customized production, all of which depend on many factors subject to varying lead times.

Before going into more detail about the status of each part, we offer you a synthetic overview of the current state of the manufuctaring :



Manufacturing and Improvements

The dials are produced by Perfex. During the first quarter 2023, some improvements were made., with a prototype series carried out and validated in March.

  • The size of the "Automatique" inscription on the dial has been slightly increased for greater visibility and proportionate harmony.

  • The "Swiss Made" mention at 6 o'clock has been refined and is more visible on the dial.

Date and Production

Perfex's manufacturing is on schedule, as the parts should be finalized by the end of May for a reception early June at the assembly workshop.

Realistic Moondisc

The Swiss miniaturization workshop AJS Production is responsible for the moon disc and creation of the oscillating weight. We have completed a new R&D series for the realistic blue moon disc to slightly darken the night and rework the Milky Way. The manufacturer has agreed to film the production and share the manufacturing process. We will reveal all of this in a dedicated news release during June.

Date and Production

Following the reception of the unmodified moon discs by Sellita at the end of May, AJS Production will initiate the production. The delivery is to be carried out by the end of June.


Manufacturing and Improvements

Fleet Luxury is responsible for the production of the packaging. The box has been designed in the shape of a book, symbolizing the four chapters that have marked the Artemis project. On the back cover, you will find an extract from the earliest writings on lunar cycles dating back to the 13th century BC.

We have made significant improvements in recent months, including

  • Cleaner cutting of the fabric and addition of a cover to hide the frayed edges

  • Lighter, smudge-free printing and hot stamping

  • Smaller font and logo for a more discreet and elegant overall design

Date and Delivery

Due to the various revisions made to the packaging and two additional rounds of prototypes completed in February and March, we had to delay the mass production by a few weeks. However, it aligns with the reception of other components. As such, the final technical drawings were approved mid-March. The delivery of the 450 boxes is expected on June 10th.

The straps

Manufacture and improvement

As mentionned in a previous news #3, we visited the SIS leather factory in Franche-Comté at the end of January to select the leathers and meet the teams. We share all this with you in an article: manufacturing process and origin of the leather. For the choice of the color you received an email in early April, if not, please contact us at

Here are the main updates and features of the straps:

  • Abandonment of recycled leather, which did not meet the specifications

  • Choice of a soft and natural calf leather

  • Beige waterproof Alsavel lining for durability

  • Machine stitching with tone on tone colored thread

  • Gold and silver stainless steel buckle

Delivery date

We have received and validated the last prototypes at the end of March. Serial production is underway with an order of 600 straps (450 x 20mm and 150 x 18mm). SIS estimates the production period to be 5 to 7 weeks with shipment of the parts by the end of June.

The movements

Manufacture & Delivery

The Sellita factories are in charge of the production of the SW288-1a calibers. As mentioned in the preamble, they are particularly solicited in this first half of 2023 with a limited production capacity. Also, as our order is larger than initially planned, Sellita informed us that they needed more time. The delivery of the 375 calibers will take place at the end of June at best, delaying the delivery of the models by several weeks. Once again we apologize for this delay.

Download PDF • 5.46MB

Case & engraving

Manufacture et livraison

Just like the dials, the company Perfex Limited is in charge of the manufacturing of the cases. Made of 316L stainless steel, the cases are 11.1mm thick with a diameter of 38mm. The case back features a sapphire crystal with visible movement.

The last prototypes were received at the end of March. Mass production is now underway, it will also take 6 to 10 weeks to finalize with and estimated delivery in early June.


We will keep you regularly informed of the progress and production on the Manufacture section. Do not hesitate to contact us, or ask your questions in comments.

Have a great week,

The Mu:n team


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