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News #3 - Production update

Hello everyone,

First of all, we wish you all a very happy new year 2023! This end of 2022 was rich in emotion and will undoubtedly mark the Mu:n adventure forever. Your support has given this young project the necessary momentum to continue to create new editions with you and for the years to come.

Today, we would like to make a brief update on the work in progress and the next chapters.

An eye on the production.

At the beginning of the year, we started production at our main workshops. More than 350 SW288-1a movements have been ordered from Sellita, and more than 150 Normtech 708 movements from Ronda. This marks the beginning of a great collaboration with these Swiss manufacturers, and the constitution of a handful of stocks for the permanent Mu:n series.

Production of the components will take place over the next few months. As the manufacture of each piece requires many stages, often spaced out in time, we will follow these stages week by week, and will propose to you, at the end of the process, a return on the manufacture and a follow-up of the assembly.

We are also finalizing the Result of the Campaign, which will allow you to understand the complete production cost of the models, and to understand the allocation of the profits of this first collaborative project!

The straps.

As mentioned in December, we visited the SIS leather goods workshop in Franche-Comté last week to select the leather and colors. With 40 years of experience in the sector and over 1,800 employees in France, this group works with the biggest names in watchmaking and leather goods. We have made a short video that we will share shortly to introduce you to the group, as well as the process of manufacturing a strap. More than 60 steps are necessary to make each strap, for which we count nearly 40 minutes of labor :)

We have chosen several types of leather, including a natural French calf leather which will be used for this first collection. Following the various tests, we abandoned the recycled and vegetable leathers of the 2022 prototypes, in view of a quality that has still not been proven. We preferred a natural leather, which has a soft patina and a treatment at the heart for a perfect waterproofing. Pre-aged, it is one of the best leathers of the workshop and displays the natural defects of the skin for a dressy look. The lining is made of standard calf leather, which is treated more consistently to resist rubbing and moisture on the wrist. The straps are of course heat marked and have an engraved pin buckle. All bracelets will be handmade :)

We will receive these new prototypes in March, and will share the visuals with you so that you can choose the strap and the color that will dress your next Mu:n.

Serial number.

You will therefore receive the questionnaire in february, to choose the strap and the serial number to be written on the case back. We are aware that this choice comes later than expected, but this does not affect the production time whatsoever. It mainly gives us time to finalize a more suitable questionnaire web space =)

What's next?

  • January - Finalization of the last technical points with the suppliers.

  • February - Opening of the Mu:n E-shop for the Origin series. Workshop with AJS Production on the possibilities of developing new miniature parts (luminova, metallic...). Preliminary studies on Day/Night models and reduced-sized moon phases.

  • April - Receipt of straps, choice of colors. Presentation of the Ariane 2023 collaborative project and beginning of the next Mu:n edition.

  • May - Receipt of the first Créateurs and Origine models. Launch of the Ariane 2023 project and first sketches.

  • May/June - Reception of the watches and assembly in Switzerland. Video monitoring of the assembly, and shipping of the models by order.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via the Kickstarter chat or by email at

We will keep you informed of every step and updates.

Have a great week,



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