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News #9 • Production update - Automatic & Quartz

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Hello everyone,

An update on the production of the Quartz and Automatic series as we embark on an exciting new season.


Quartz model - Assembly & delivery

Agenda et livraison

Following a trip to Switzerland on Wednesday, August 30th, we are pleased to announce the commencement of the assembly of Quartz models.

The assembly of the 200 Quartz models will take approximately 10 days. Therefore, the shipment of the watches will begin on September 15th via the DHL carrier. Additionally, you will receive a tracking number via email in the coming days to confirm your delivery address.

An eye on the assembly

The assembly of a Quartz watch follows a rigorous and precise process. First, the Ronda Normtech 708 movement is carefully inspected to prevent any dust or manufacturing defects. The same meticulous inspection applies to each assembled component.

Following this verification, the dial is meticulously positioned onto the movement, followed by the installation of the hour, minute, and finally, the second hands. The master watchmaker must handle these extremely fragile parts with great care during installation, ensuring precise alignment. At this stage, a new quality control test is conducted: ensuring that the movement has no defects, that the hands do not catch, and that the timekeeping is functional and accurate on the graduation scale.

Next comes the casing, during which the movement and the dial are positioned within the case. The case back and the upper bezel can then be carefully attached to avoid any scratches or dust.

Once the movement and dial are securely cased, a water resistance test is conducted. The watch is placed in a machine simulating various water pressures to ensure its resistance, in accordance with the specifications (3 ATM for Quartz Model No. 51).

Finally, a meticulous last inspection is carried out during the final quality control to check the appearance, functions, finishing, and to rectify any defects. This step is performed by a master watchmaker from the PH Saner workshop. Once the watch has successfully passed all these tests and inspections, it is ready to be packaged along with its warranty booklet.

Additionally, the after-sales service (S.A.V) will be handled by the same workshop located in Alle. This is an opportunity to share with you the interview with the Saner family to learn more about the men and women behind your models.


Production Automatic models

Agenda et delivery

The shared schedule during the News #8 • Automatic Production (2/2) remains unchanged. Indeed, despite the storm damage, Sellita Manufactures have honored their commitment as communicated at the beginning of July and have delivered all SW288 movements along with the moon phase kits ready for modification.

Similarly, all components - cases, dials, hands, and straps - have been in storage in Alle since July, ready to be assembled by the workshop.

We plan to begin the assembly of both the Creators and Origin series starting on September 25th, with deliveries set to begin in early October. In mid-September, we will publish another update to share with you the initial visuals, including the moon disk manufacturing process.

Creators Series (Models No. 11, 15 & 29)

Following the reception of the raw moon phase kits by Sellita, the AJS Production workshop will commence the modification of the realistic moon disks from September 12th to September 23rd. Each disk requires no fewer than nine steps in its creation, culminating in a femto laser engraving process to depict the moon's craters.

While awaiting visuals of the production of the realistic moon disks, we are pleased to share with you a presentation of the AJS Production workshop, its expertise, and its teams.

Founded in 1998, AJS Production specializes in movement modification and the production of miniature components for renowned watchmaking houses. With a constantly innovative design office, the company notably earned recognition at the 2016 Exhibitors Grand Prix in Geneva for its expertise in miniaturization.

Origin Series (Models No. 51 Blue & Red)

We have received the entire shipment of gold moon discs (Origine Red) and expect to receive the rhodium-plated moon discs (Origine Blue) within the next 15 days. This final delivery from Sellita Manufactures will mark the receipt of all components for the Origine series.

To align the assembly schedules and streamline workshop operations, the Origine series will now follow the schedule of the Créateurs series. Assembly will commence on September 25th, with deliveries set to begin in early October.


Thank you for your trust, patience, and feedback.

We remain available if you have any questions.

Have a great week,

The Mu:n Team.


Sep 05, 2023

An existing article, the Quartz models look amazing ! Keep us posted.


Sep 05, 2023

Great news ! Thanks for the update and sharing all this.

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