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News #10 - Delivery & Assembly

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Dear backers,

Today, we step into the final stages of the Artemis project and this inaugural collection. Here are the latest updates from the past ten days, along with the upcoming schedule and delivery plans.

Quartz Model Deliveries!

We are pleased to announce that the Quartz models are currently in transit. The entire French community should receive their No. 5I Blue & Red model this weekend (D+3/5).

For our international backers, you will receive a confirmation email along with your tracking number early next week.

These initial shipments mark the culmination of an exceptional year of dedication and passion. We apologize once again for the various delays and are now eagerly anticipating your feedback as these models embark on their journey alongside you.

Origine Series Assembly

As announced in our latest article, News #9, we are pleased to inform you that the assembly of the Origine series began on Wednesday, September 26th. On this occasion, we traveled to Switzerland to oversee the monitoring and quality control of the various components.

PH Saner workshop estimates that all models will be finalized during the 2nd week of October, marking the start of deliveries in France and internationally the second half of October.

Creators Series Assembly

Originally scheduled for September 25th, an additional (7) days were ultimately needed for AJS Production to complete the manufacture of the moon discs. The series will be complete and delivered to our assembler at the beginning of next week, on Wednesday, October 4th.

The assembly of the Creators series will follow that of the Origine series and will commence on October 9th. Approximately 8/10 days will then be needed to complete the assembly. Therefore, packages will be sent out starting from the third week of October.

Additionally, as mentioned in News #9, we had the privilege of interviewing Howel, the head of development at AJS Production. Responsible for the design of the moon discs, he has been with the Mu:n project since its inception, bringing the realistic moon discs to life.

We are currently finalizing a video that will allow you to learn more about his journey, the manufacture of the moon discs, and the oscillating masses produced by the workshop.

Provisional schedule

Here is a summary of the upcoming and final stages of production:

Week of September 25th:

September 23-24 - Travel to Switzerland

Monitoring assembly, parts inspection

Monitoring moon disc & oscillating weight production, explanatory videos.

September 25th - Start of assembly

Origine No. 5I automatic.

September 28th - Quartz delivery.

Origine No. 5I quartz. France delivery.

Week of October 2nd:

October 2nd: Quartz delivery.

Origine No. 5I quartz. International delivery.

October 4th: Receipt of realistic moon discs.

Creators No. II, No. I5, No. 29.

October 5-6: Travel to Switzerland.

Transfer of moon discs.

Inspection of Origine No. 5I automatic series.

Week of October 9th:

En of the assembly of the of Origine series

Start of deliveries by the end of the week

Start of Creators series assembly.

Creators No. II, No. I5, No. 29.

Week of October 16th:

Origine series deliveries inter & France

Confirmation of orders and delivery addresses.

Travel to Switzerland.

Inspection of Creators series.

Week of October 23rd:

End of assembly of the of Creators series

Creators series delivery.

Creators No. II, No. I5, No. 29.


We are a small, young team doing our utmost to share the latest updates and behind-the-scenes insights of this adventure. However, we are aware and apologize for the often substantial gaps between each updates. Our goal is to provide you with more details and encounters from this journey, a promise of our Projects that we strive to uphold. Above all, we want to thank you once again for your patience and support.

We remain available at all times via email and chat. Feel free to reach out to us privately.

See you soon, and have a great weekend, Victor & Thibault


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