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Ariane Project in 10 questions

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

In light of the imminent launch, we hereby offer a concise overview of the objectives and stakes of the Ariane Project.

You will find in this article a panoramic glimpse of this novel creative odyssey.

What are the Mu:n projects all about ?

By integrating enthusiasts into every stage of the manufacturing process, the aim of Mu:n projects is to enable the community to follow, participate in and influence the entire watchmaking creation.

You can find out more about the Manifesto.

What is the Ariane Project ?

Ariane is Mu:n's second collaborative odyssey. This unique watchmaking project is organized around three chapters, in which you will be invited to participate in the creative process. Voting results will be shared transparently at the end of each chapter. Free exchange spaces are available, and additional information will be passed on during each chapter.

The aim of the Ariane project is to build the next Mu:n ephemeral collection: reinventing, once again, the moon phase.

What is Ariane referring to?

Ariane evokes the ancient myth of Theseus - a light in the darkness of the labyrinth, but also the French rocket launcher program. Initiated in the 70s, this project symbolizes the success of a vast collaboration of European nations in a common quest for exploration and scientific research.

What does the first chapter entail?

The first chapter aims to create a first sketch of the model. It opens with a 3D environment, designed to reproduce the blank sheet paper exercise. With just a few clicks, you can create a design from a panel of around 50 million possibilities.

With this interface, we wanted to offer a range large enough to give free rein to your imagination, yet small enough to guarantee a fast and pleasant design experience. As such, it has been deliberately pared down, both in terms of choice and appearance, to focus your attention solely on the overall design.

The outcome of this first chapter will determine, among other things, the movement chosen, the complications provided, and a first design sketch.

When will the Ariane Project commence?

The launch date is scheduled for October 05th. The Ariane Configurator is already operational, currently in its beta phase. The collaborative adventure will unfold over an approximately 6-month period.

How will the results be handled?

The designs will be analyzed to produce a clear infographic of the results. The idea is not to obtain a design at the end of this first chapter, but to appreciate the spirit you wanted to instill in your creations. Based on this trend, the Mu:n teams will propose one or more first drafts.

The second chapter will allow you to refine every detail of this sketch, choose the finishes and refine the contours.

The third chapter will give life to the Ariane project's ephemeral series, unique in its design.

When will the Ariane collection be launched? How can I reserve a model?

The launch is scheduled for the first half of 2024. Model reservations are not yet open. You can enroll in the Ariane Project to be notified of the collection launch.

What kind of movements are selected for the collection?

You may explore the 3 watchmakers selected for the Ariane project. More than 5 calibers have been pre-selected among these manufacturers. The first chapter will determine the movement chosen for the rest of the creation.

To simplify the creative experience, the first chapter tool is limited to presenting two categories: a superior moon-phase and a inferior moon-phase. You will, however, find the different complications of the five calibres in these two main categories.

In the second chapter, a vote will be held to determine whether a quartz caliber is desired.

What is the Artemis Project?

Artemis was the inaugural collaborative project by Mu:n. It brought together 5,500 enthusiasts for nearly 2 years to craft the first Mu:n collection, launched in December 2022 on Kickstarter.

You can relive the creation process or find the detailed project report with campaign key figures.

How can I contribute to the project?

Mu:n projects live and breathe the community behind them. Your participation in the various chapters, your choices, criticisms and feedback, are all essential to the viability of the projects. You can also share the tool, or simply invite other enthusiasts to participate.

If you're a journalist, Youtuber or industry player, you can contact us directly at


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