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Relive the

collaborative creation

The ambition of the Mu:n project is to offer enthusiasts a new way to participate, influence and follow a watchmaking process.


Thousands of enthusiasts got on board this ephemeral project, driven by collective intelligence.

The first mission: to co-create the perfect moonphase.

Chapter 1

The blank sheet

In March 2021, Mu:n Project launches an online Watch Creator.

This tool is intended to reproduce the blank sheet exercise. It allows to create a design from a panel of around a million possibilities.

Creators are invited to share their models and voice their preferences.


800 watches were created.

Chapter 2

The first sketches

At the end of this first chapter,

the Mu:n project worked on five sketches inspired by the creators' designs.

Participants were invited to rate and comment on each model to retain only one.

1,200 votes and 250 ideas were collected.

Sketch No. 2 is retained for the rest of the creation.

Chapter 3

Technical drawings

In autumn 2021, Mu:n Project switched to a 3D environment to establish the technical drawings of the selected sketch.

Through a conditional progression, participants could study each component, finish and technical aspect of the model.

2,000 feedbacks were collected.


The technical drawings were finalized accordingly.

Chapter 4

The choice of colors

In the spring of 2022, the project Mu:n leaned on the colors of the first series.

Participants could vary the color of each component and vote for a combination among 7,000 possibilities.

Over 4,000 watches were assembled online.

This chapter ended this first collaborative creation and gave birth to the Hommage edition.


The launch

Over the past two years, 5,500 enthusiasts got on board this collaborative creation.

Merci à eux.

The Creators series is dedicated to them.

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