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Step #1 - The watch configurator

Updated: Apr 16

Hello everyone!

As we reach the midpoint of the first chapter, we are excited to share with you the key trends that have surfaced from the initial 1,000 watches crafted by you, along with our initial findings (as well as questions) arising from this data.

If you haven't had the chance to participate in the creation process yet, you can cast your vote here:

The questions to follow will be deliberately closed, and linked to the intention you wished to instill in your creations. They will enable us to refine the results, but also to confront you with the (difficult) exercise of creativity, in all that it encompasses. Choosing is renouncing... But don't worry if you don't want to take a stand on certain questions: not choosing is still choosing ... :)

< ARIANE > evokes you

  • A conquest - spatial and technical

  • A myth - from maze to poetry

Moon phase design

We commence this review with the moon phase. Four compositions were suggested in the initial version of the configurator, and here are the outcomes:

Open-hearted moon phase 34%

Traditional moon phase : 18%

Modern moon phase : 27%

Hands moon phase : 21%

The open heart, and especially the large stepped disc, caught your eye. At the heart of the ARIANE collection, the moon disk is essential to the overall design. These initial results will guide our reworks, and we'll soon be offering you a new tool - the Moon Configurator.

If you were to draw the moon disk of ARIANE, it would be :

  • Rooted in tradition

  • Original and innovative

The delicate choice of caliber

The most delicate choice you were presented with - yet also the most crucial one - was the selection of the caliber. As of now, we have:

  • 560 SW288 creations - featuring a large moon

  • 440 C105 or DD creations - showcasing a small moon

Unexpectedly, the SW288 caliber appears to be the preferred choice among you. Many have reached out to us, engaging in discussions on the Projects Blog and forums, elaborating on their choices and advocating for their perspectives. Your feedback has provided us with valuable insights, and we have taken note of several important considerations.

A desire to diversify the creative experience.

Over 480 of you expressed a desire to work on a smaller moon phase, thereby diversifying the creative experience. Given that the Artemis Project focused on a central moon phase, it seemed only natural for you to explore a new creative avenue.

Taking ownership of the project

Many of you have reached out to us to share your vision of the Mu:n Projects. Questions have arisen regarding the project's direction, the future of the brand, and, most importantly, its visual identity. Should we expand the collection or solidify the brand's identity?

What future for mu:n projects ?

  • Diversifying the collection

  • Establishing an identity

An innovative moon phase

Many of your comments have endorsed the notion that Mu:n projects should depart from conventional compositions, aiming for innovation in both technical aspects and the resulting design. We have incorporated this feedback into our forthcoming actions.

The matter of cost

A few of your queries revolved around the cost implications of each choice. We intentionally omitted this consideration from the configurator to encourage free creative expression. Nonetheless, cost is a pivotal factor, and today, we would like to provide you with some insights and initial questions on the subject.



Factory price *


Central moon

Day date

250 - 300 CHF

​SW288-1a modified

Enlarged central moon

300 - 350 CHF


Small moon

Astronomical moon

340 - 450 CHF


Small moon

Simple Calendar

800 - 1200 CHF


Small moon

Perpetual Calendar


3500 - 4000 CHF

* Factory prices are approximate and align with the initial estimates provided by our partners and/or Mu:n Projects. They are based on an order exceeding 100 calibers by October 2023 and include an initial projection of the alterations based on the selected modules. These costs are subject to change (due to fluctuations in raw material prices, etc.) and do not represent a binding offer.

Desired model price

  • CHF 800-1200

  • CHF 1200-1600

  • CHF 1600-2400

First trends

We observed a significant level of diversity in the selection of components, in relation to an initial tool that we intended to be exhaustive. This aspect was anticipated by our teams, and the overall composition question will be further refined in the next chapter. Since the dial layout is contingent on the caliber chosen, it's advisable to progress in a step-by-step manner.

Nevertheless, we can identify some initial trends:

The uniqueness of the watch hands

Your primary preference was to harmonize the watch hands with the moon phase, resulting in a prevalence of Breguet-style hands in your designs. Conversely, sword and leaf hands are favored, often complementing compositions with contemporary, open-hearted moon phases. Lastly, 28% of your designs incorporate Luminova® hands.

Breguet hands - 34%

Sword hands - 26%

Leaf hends - 25%

Bâton hands - 15%

Classic index

The selection of index mirrors your creative expressions and provides us with an initial insight into the overall design. Your preferences reveal a distinct inclination toward sleek designs characterized by a refined and geometric arrangement. This inclination is exemplified by the dominance of triangular indices (variation no. 1), which alone amass over 24% of the votes. Baton index follow suit, alongside more distinctive compositions featuring numerical index.

Triangle index - 31%

Bâton index - 26%

Numerical index - 25%

Rond index - 17%

Dressy or sporty?

When it comes to the case, there's a very large predominance of dress compositions, which garner almost 70% of the votes, compared with 20% for travel and 10% for diving cases. So it's time to rule out the possibility of a diver =)

Like the components, the technical drawings of the case will be refined in the second chapter, so that they match the composition, caliber and functions selected.

Next step

An intermediate stage will soon be launched, enabling you to create a moon phase.

While some significant trends are beginning to emerge, certain components have yet to be determined, as evident from the results. Therefore, we will keep the Ariane Configurator open until mid-November to further refine the data.

The new tool, the Moon Configurator, will also be introduced on Friday, the 27th, allowing us to concurrently focus on the moon type selected for this Ariane


We wish you all a wonderful week. If you have any comments on these initial results, please don't hesitate to share them.

The Mu:n Team


PS: As of now, only 27 individuals have participated in the giveaway for a chance to win an ORIGINE No. 5I quartz model. We encourage you to share the tool with two other enthusiasts, to help sustain Mu:n projects and to increase your chances in the draw =)

PSS: Please note that entries are reviewed and duplicate email addresses or unique IPs are not counted, so please play the game through to the end!


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