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Artemis 2022 • Chapter 4

Updated: Apr 10

Hello everyone,

The collaborative watchmaking creation is coming to an end... The clock has been ticking and we are proud to announce the reception of the prototypes.

We have spent the last six months bringing this co-creation to life according to your votes, establishing the technical drawings of each component and testing our suppliers. The final assembly of the 6 prototypes will (finally!) take place during the first half of May.

Until then, we have imagined a last chapter, one that we will have to go through soon: to determine the colors that will dress the final models.

For this last step of co-creation, we propose you a new tool containing all the colors of the received samples. You will be able to discover the model and vote for the colors of the first Mu:n edition. Thank you for your contribution!

What's next? As soon as we have collected your feedback we will finalize the assembly with the colors that got the most votes. A series of tests will then take place before the official launch. We can't wait!

See you soon for the unveiling and launch.

Mu:n team


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