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News #5 • Quartz Production update (1/2)

Updated: 3 days ago

Hello everyone,

We propose you today an update on the production of the quartz models, with the last improvements brought to the various components.


Assembly and delivery

Before launching the mass production, we wanted to make a last prototype run to improve some components and test the whole production one last time. The assembly is now scheduled for mid-June with a planned delivery before the summer. We are aware of the delay this represents and sincerely apologize for our initial overly optimistic date estimate last November. The model No. 51 being our first collection, we wished to double our vigilance for the manufacture of the pieces by carrying out a preliminary control.

Before going into more detail on the state of manufacture of each piece, we offer you a synthetic vision of the provisional agenda:



Manufacture and improvement

The dials are produced by Perfex Ltd., which is also in charge of all the components (cases, hands) of the automatic models.

The latter have undergone some improvements:

  • The size of the 'Quartz' on the dial has been slightly enlarged under the inscription 'Mu:n'

  • The day date opening has been increased by 2mm to ensure better visibility

  • The color of the 24 hour markers has been refined, notably a darkened blue to match the moon disk and the blued steel of the second hand

Date and production

We have just received the first images of the last prototypes. The serial production is now launched. The Perfex manufacture is on schedule and should finalize the manufacture of the parts at the end of April for a shipment in May to our assembler in Switzerland.


Manufacture and improvement

As for the packaging, the French company Fleet Luxury is in charge of the production. This packaging has been thought in the form of a book, with an extract of the first writings on the lunar cycles dating from the 13th century BC on the back cover.

We have made significant improvements in recent months, including

  • Cleaner cutting of the fabric and addition of a cover to hide the frayed edges

  • Lighter, smudge-free printing and hot stamping

  • Smaller font and logo for a more discreet and elegant overall design

Date and delivery

Due to the numerous reworkings of the packaging and the 2 new rounds of prototypes done in February and March, we had to delay the mass production by a few weeks. As the last technical drawings were validated in mid-March, the mass production is now well underway. The latter should take 4 to 6 weeks for a reception of the 450 packagings at the beginning of June.

The Straps

Manufacture and improvement

We visited the SIS leather factory in Franche-Comté at the end of January to select the leathers and meet the teams. We share all this with you in an article: manufacturing process and origin of the leather. For the choice of the color you received an email in early April, if not, please contact us at

Here are the main novelties and characteristics of the straps:

  • Abandonment of recycled leather, not enough quality

  • Choice of a soft and natural calf leather

  • Beige waterproof Alsaval lining for durability

  • Machine stitching with tone on tone colored thread

  • Gold and silver stainless steel buckle

Delivery date

We have received and validated the last prototypes at the end of March. Serial production is underway with an order of 600 straps (450 x 20mm and 150 x 18mm). SIS estimates the production period to be 5 to 7 weeks with shipment of the parts also in June.


Manufacture and improvement

The Ronda manufactures are in charge of the production of the Normtech 708 calibers. Proposed in Swiss made version with 4 functions (hours, minutes, seconds, date and moonphase), these latter will be controlled in Switzerland within our assembly workshop.

Concerning the last modifications made :

  • Reduction of the size of the stars of the moon disk

  • Night blue moon disk darkened by our partner Perfex in UV printing.

Delivery date

The order for the 150 movements was initiated in February, with delivery in May. The moon discs modified by Perfex are also in production.

You will also find a video presenting the Ronda 708 movement, made by the Caliber Corner channel.

Case and engraving

Manufacture and improvement

Like the dials, Perfex Ltd. is in charge of the production of the cases of the quartz and automatic models. Made of 316L stainless steel, the case is 4.5mm thick and has a diameter of 36mm. The case back is inspired by the card La Lune XVIII of the Tarot de Marseille drawn by Jean Dodal in the 17th century.

Here are the last modifications made to the engraving:

  • Each line has been reworked for a sharper outline and shapes

  • The mention "Edition Hommage" has been replaced by "Projet Artémis".

  • The engraving and the mention 'Swiss movement' has been replaced by "Mouvement Suisse

Delivery date

Like the dials, we received the last prototypes at the end of March. The serial production is now launched. It will take 4 to 6 weeks to finalize this last one, with an estimated delivery at the end of May.


We will keep you regularly informed of the progress and production on the Manufacture section of the new community space. Don't hesitate to contact us, or ask your questions in comments.

Have a great week,

The Mu:n team


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