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News #1 - Serial number selection

Updated: 3 days ago

Hello everyone,

Halfway through the campaign, we offer you today a quick update on the latest ideas, additions, modifications and completions that will punctuate the next few weeks.

Engraving of the serial number for the Creator series

To thank you and to celebrate these first days of launch, we have decided to number each case of the Creator series. Indeed, many of you suggested this engraving, and we are very happy to confirm its feasibility and realization.

The choice of the number will be conducted at the end of the campaign. You will receive an email to propose 3 number and we will do our best to satisfy one of your choices. As for duplicates, priority will of course be given on a first-order first-served basis.

Also, to reinforce the singularity of this ephemeral series, models N°11, 15 and 29 will each have their own serial number. For example, if 80 Creators No.11 are ordered, the serial number for this No.11 model will be on a 00/80 basis.

We hope that you will like this initiative, and do not hesitate to send us new suggestions!

Sellita SW288 movement • The movements are proposed in elaborate settings, with a precision of (+/- 7 seconds = +/-20 sec /D, in three positions). We are working with the PH Saner workshop to improve them to (+/-5 seconds = +/- 10 sec/D in three positions). Beyond the slight gain, it is an additional control on each movement, before casing. This involves some more testing, which we will have confirmation of within two weeks!

Christmas card • As promised, we will send a Christmas card for all our backers. You will receive an email at the end of the campaign, on 12/12/2022 and have 3 days to send us a postal address in order to receive your gift card with your order number. For any multiple order, you will of course receive one card per order. We hope you'll appreciate the gesture, for those who wish to have a gift to put under the tree :)

Giveaway • To thank you for your support, we will hold a lottery at the end of the campaign to give away one-of-a-kind prototypes among all contributors. Delivery will be carried out before Christmas for the lucky winners. We will keep you informed of the selected models in a dedicated Actu. (realistic Quartz ? Creators No.24 ?) To be continued :)

See you soon,

Mu:n Team


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