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Ariane 2023 • Manifesto

Updated: Apr 10

In a few weeks we will inaugurate the new watchmaking adventure: Ariane 2023. The opportunity to come back to the manifesto and the values that guide the Mu:n projects.

The collaborative Offer ever more immersive creations

Behind each enthusiast hides a vision of watchmaking. We want to give life to this passion that brings together thousands of enthusiasts around the world. By integrating the community into the creative process, the ambition of Mu:n projects is to build editions that embody the spirit of the creators who accompany us. To orchestrate this approach, our projects offer immersive creation spaces, adapted to each stage of creation. They allow the project teams to collect opinions and to sculpt, over feedback, our collaborative editions. In perpetual evolution, we want these ephemeral spaces. Like a conquest, a collective march forward, our projects want to be punctuated by the passion of the community that brings them to life.

The transparency

Reveal the entire manufacturing process

Transparency is at the heart of Mu:n projects. The understanding of the technical constraints, of price or even of feasibility, come to nourish and accompany our creation. For each new edition, we are committed to highlighting the origin of components, suppliers, as well as production costs. These aspects are submitted to the community, and the results are accessible within spaces for free comments and exchanges. Through this approach, we strive to promote watchmaking know-how, to depict the manufacturing techniques and the materials used. Even more, it's about highlighting the men and women behind our creations.

The accuracy

Engage in a common quest for innovation

Watchmaking is a living art, in perpetual innovation. In order to give life to the ideas of our creators, we pursue a quest for accuracy in the choice of components and partners who accompany us. More than just suppliers, they work with us on ephemeral editions Mu:n. We are committed to producing with them innovative components, both in the manufacturing method and in the design, to contribute, at our level, to the diversity and accuracy of the watchmaking world.

We hope to see many of you for the first chapter and look forward to sharing the new creation tool with you.



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