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Sapphire crystal

The case features two bezels, upper and lower, made of sapphire glass with an anti-reflective coating. In order to obtain this characteristic, the glass is first cleaned and then dried with ultrasound. The treatment is then carried out in a vacuum chamber, where thin layers of material with a specific reflection coefficient are applied.

Swiss Made

The selected movement is entirely produced and assembled in Switzerland. Produced only on order, the latter is delivered to the AJS Production workshop in Porrentruy, to be modified before casing. All movements have a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

Technical details

Case: 3 parts, fully polished
Dimensions: Ø 38 mm, thickness 11 mm
Internal lugs: 20 mm
Glass: sapphire


The case

The case is made by Perfex, founded in 1992 by a Frenchman, the company is specialized in the production of watch parts. The company is known for the quality of its components and the use of the latest generation of industrial machinery.



Ø 38MM







The case is composed of a slightly sloping upper bezel, facing a sapphire crystal. The body of the case has a sharp break to visually refine its thickness. The latter is attached to a case back in the form of a porthole, composed of two successive slopes hollowed out by four screws. This composition is a tribute to space engineering, with a subtle combination of flat and curved lines.

As the beating heart of modern watchmaking, Shenzhen has established itself over the last few years as a key player in the mass production of watch components. In the face of disinvestment in Europe, the region has been able to renew its industrial park and is now supplanting the European basins in the production of standardized components, both in terms of tooling precision and price.

Perfex is a French-speaking company that has forged close links with all the players in the Shenzhen industrial basin for over 30 years. Working for the biggest names in the sector, it has a control office in Hong Kong with its own watchmaking operators, in order to carry out tests and inspections on site.

Perfex Limited



316L steel

The case

Stainless steel 316L is undoubtedly a must in modern watchmaking. Composed of steel, chromium and nickel, it is distinguished by its extremely high resistance to corrosion and its high reflective properties after polishing. In this respect, it is a preferred choice for the creation of metallic watch components.

316L steel

Sapphire crystal is the second strongest component after diamond and is seven times stronger than tempered steel. Used in fine watchmaking, it is produced by crystallising aluminium oxide at high temperatures in a laboratory. Like sapphire in its natural state, it is extremely resistant to scratching and breaking.

Sapphire crystal




The assembler

Mu:n Project

The choice of the case

The creators chose a case with clean breaks and flat shapes during the third chapter of the creation. The technical drawings were finalized in the fall of 2021.

Relive the creation

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