A collaborative creation

Participate in the creation or experience the previous steps. Design and vote for what would be your perfect moonphase watch.

A collaborative creation

We hand you the tools, and you design the next perfect moonphase watch.

The mu:nphase

A one-minute introduction to the moonphase.

Stay tuned

A collaborative project lives by its community.
We keep you informed, quite simply.

Hand-crafted moonphase watch

The Mu:n


A new way of approaching

the creative process.

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An interactive survey to find the right mix at a fair price.


A fair price is a transparent price, from production costs to our margins.


A simple and online creation tool: the watch designer.


A handful of dedicated artwork to select finishes in line with your choices.


The final touch, a creative tool to design a tailor made moondisc.


The sustainability, design and price. You choose.

The creation process

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