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Ephemeral creations

Timeless series

The ambition of Mu:n projects is to offer enthusiasts a new way to participate, influence and follow an entire watchmaking process.


Reminiscent of space exploration, Mu:n projects are intended to be a step forward guided by collective intelligence.


This quest for perfection is based on three commitments at the heart of the Mu:n Manifest: transparency, accuracy and collaboration.

PH Saner AG

Meeting with the assembler

Founded in 1970, PH Saner SA has lived to the rhythm of the watchmaking industry. From a small family workshop specialised in the winding of mechanical movements, the company evolved into a modern production site in the 1980s. It still crosses the ages today with its third generation of watchmakers taking over the family business.

Within a site that combines tradition and technology, each watch is handmade assembled and controlled by a qualified watchmaker.

Technical details

Swiss Movement

With a Swiss made movement, all aspects of the No. 51 Quartz model have been designed around the same requirements and search for perfection as the automatic collection.

Both in the origin of its components and in its production costs, the Mu:n Project is committed to total transparency towards its community.


Origin Series


No.51 Blue



No.51 Red


Technical details


Mu:n Project

Mu:n first collaborative adventure

Launched in March 2021, the first ephemeral creation gathered more than 5,500 enthusiasts. The Hommage Edition is the result of this creative experience.

Relive the collaborative creation >

Origin Series

Permanent series

The Origine series is the result of the first Mu:n project. Presented in an automatic and quartz version, it lays the foundations of the permanent Mu:n collection. The model will be available for pre-order from November, and at launch price until December 31, 2022.

A timeless creation

With a satin white dial on a silver case, the No. 51 was designed to cross the ages. Thought in monochrome, only its 24-hour graduation is tinted, in reminder to its second hand. This neat and elegant composition gives it a resolutely vintage appearance.


Thus combining traditional and modern, the model No. 51 is intended to bear witness to a timeless creation, an ephemeral quest for perfection and accuracy. Its number echoes the work of Isaac Asimov, Foundation, published in 1951.


Original drawing Mu:n

The beauty of minimalism 

The Origine  series presents a minimalist moon disc, with clean and discreet lines. Its dark midnight blue background causes a  striking contrast  with the light of the Moon and the stars, giving all its strength to the soft and white composition  of the watch.


Timeless, this vintage composition is a tribute to the emblematic moon phase watches that have passed through the ages  for almost 100 years. 

The case back

A reinterpretation of the card The Moon XVIII, by Jean Dodal

The case back is inspired by the card The Moon XVIII  of the Tarot de Marseille drawn by Jean Dodal in the 17th century. Composed of images and allegorical symbols, this emblematic map evokes the richness of our imagination, the buried memories that the moon illuminates.

No. 51 marks the foundation of Mu:n projects

Origin is a permanent series from the first collaborative creation Mu:n. A timeless witness to this creative adventure, this first edition is its most perfect culmination. 

Equipped with the Swiss Made Ronda 708 movement, the Origin series presents with elegancy and simplicity one of the most poetic complications in modern watchmaking.


Steel : 316L

Diameter : 36 mm

Glass: Sapphire

Water resistance: 5 ATM

Fully polished and constructed in two parts, the Quartz case has a slight curve on the back and a sapphire crystal.



Calibre : Ronda 708 Normtech

Mouvement : Quartz Swiss made

Réserve de marche : 60 mois (5 ans)

Spécificités : 5 rubis

Le calibre 708 est issu des manufactures Ronda, fondées en 1946 à Lausanne. Proposé en version élaborée, il présente 5 rubis et il est entièrement assemblé en suisse.



Strap: Leather 

Interchangeable: Yes

Lug : 18 mm

Manufacturing: France

The bracelets are made to order by a reference in French leather goods, the SIS Group founded in 1983 in the town of Avoudrey.



Drawing: The Moon XVIII

Card: Tarot de Marseille

Treatment: Laser engraving

The design of the back case is inspired by the card The Moon XVIII of the Tarot de Marseille.



Model : Origin

Revolution: 29.50 days

Treatments : UV

Design : Minimalist

Internally modified, the moon disk is designed in a refined and minimalist composition. It has a dye finish to smooth out the roughness and to soften the light catch.



Warranty :24 months

SAV :Swiss

Availablity: Pre-order

The Hommage edition is guaranteed for two years from the date of shipment. The after-sales service is entirely operated in Switzerland by the assembler. 


CHF450.00 *

Variable price depending on the order date.

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Number 51

Editing: Hommage

Series: Origin

Reference: QO.51.01​.R


Movement: Ronda 708 Swiss Made

Opening of pre-orders

February 2023



Number 51

Editing: Hommage

Series: Origin

Reference: QO.51.01​.B


Movement: Ronda 708 Swiss Made








Leather goods

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