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Starry sky

Several layers of UV printing were necessary to create the night sky. In order for each star to have a unique and realistic glow, several UV layers are applied depending on the size of the star. This method creates a relief effect on the celestial vault.

Swiss Made

The selected movement is entirely produced and assembled in Switzerland. Produced only on order, the latter is delivered to the AJS Production workshop in Porrentruy, to be modified before casing. All movements have a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

The moon

The moons on the disc are exact copies of the earth's star. They are made by two decals of a realistic drawing. A femto laser burns away the white paint layer to create the moon craters with a depth effect. 

Milky Way

After two successive sprays, white and blue, the Milky Way is completely burnt with a femto laser. The laser gradually scratches away the blue layer to reveal the first white layer with varying degrees of intensity. The paint always reacts differently to the laser, which makes each moon disk unique.


The moon disk

To achieve a highly realistic moon disk, the R&D team developed a world-prermier 9-step manufacturing process for Mu:n project.


Unique moondisc








To achieve the desired degree of realism, the R&D team developed a new manufacturing process for the Mu:n project in 9 steps, which is a first in the sector.

The workshop boasts an alliance between traditional know-how and latest-generation machining. Its specificity lies in its office of engineers ubiquitous throughout the entire production chain, with a research and development center in perpetual innovation. Very active in the invention of patents, AJS deploys an exhaustive panel of technologies. The company particularly distinguished itself at the 2016 Exhibitors Grand Prix in Geneva for its know-how in miniaturization.

Founded in 1998 by André and Josette Saunier, AJS Production began as a subcontractor in the engraving and transfer of miniature parts. Taken over by its second generation under the direction of Mr. Anthony Saunier, this family business is specialized in the modification of movements and the production of miniature parts for major watchmakers.

AJS Production




AJS Production


The moondisc

The femto laser, mainly used in research, is a particular type of laser that produces ultra-short pulses of the order of a few femto seconds. When applied to a spatter or decal, this process burns the paint surface, leading to a loss of texture and the appearance of a slight tint offering a unique visual depth.


The moon phase is a watchmaking complication that allows one to follow the 29.53-day cycle of the moon at any time. To reproduce this cycle, two moons are drawn on a disc driven by a wheel with 59 teeth. A 'finger' pushes the wheel one notch per 24-hour interval. With only one moon visible on the dial, a cycle of (59/2) = 29.50 days appears. This produces a shift of only one notch every 2 years 7 months and 20 days.





The oscillating weight

Mu:n Project

The choice of the moondisc

The creators have retained a realistic moon disc from the first chapter of the collaborative creation. This mission was entrusted to AJS Production workshop.

Relive creation

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