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Once the feasibility study was completed, it was time to consider the creation process.

Our gamble is leaving the creative decisions to collective intelligence.

Collective intelligence
A three-step process

There are there main steps to the creation process.


Each tool is designed to offer you the widest range of choice and to refine the following steps. This way, you will have the opportunity to follow and contribute to the entire creative process, while enjoying a fun and entertaining experience.


We shall publish the results, with absolute transparency. We will then refine the designs and technical studies internally according to the choices you made. We will then give you the opportunity to vote among a set of compositions arising from these choices.

To build the first tool, the watch designer, we aimed to offer you an exhaustive choice, without going into every detail of the entire design. So, first of all, you choose the movement, the position of the moondisc, and your composition preferences.


We have streamlined the tool’s interface and the components as much as possible to focus your attention on the balance you wish to give to the watch.

The first step: the design

Once your preferred features have been established, an in-house algorithm will be used to visualise your feedback and determine overall composition. We will then rework the composition internally according to the watch designer's results, and will suggest several designs and finishes of the dial in accordance with your votes.


Above all, we want to make a nice product, leaving you in control of the design. We must constantly adapt to your feedback. We already have many ideas for the finishes and compositions, but everything will depend on your previous choices, and we expect pleasant surprises. Even if we have already prepared the ground thoroughly, a little patience may be needed between each step in order to rework the design and technical studies in accordance with your preferences.


The first step should determine the final design of the dial and the overall composition: hands, appliques, markers, logo, moon phase, etc.

Once you have decided on the design, you can make choices that take into account production costs. The choice of materials also determines the level of quality you wish to give to the watch. From sapphire crystal to swiss-made label and packaging, you define the quality and the price.

The second step: the components
Watches components creaton pick
The third step: the moondisc

The final step: the design of the lunar disc. We have already worked with our suppliers on a high-precision printing of the moondisc, and have validated the first prototypes. We will propose an interactive tool to give space to your imagination, and we will once again select the most popular designs.


In addition, we are currently striving to reduce the minimum order quantities per moondisc, and unit prices, so that you can receive a unique design, custom-made or limited edition. We'll keep you informed.


For this step, we have devised a second version of the watch designer, maintaining a simple and streamlined interface, which will help you to create and vote for your disc design. The moon, the stars, the night, the colours, the shapes: the choice is yours.

To enable an entire community to participate in the design of the first model, we then devised an innovative process.


Several months were needed to refine the method and it finally came down to three steps: choice of design, components and finally the moondisc.

Collaborative creation process
Tools for the community to create


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